Investment Agency Accounts

Establish your specific goals and leave FCT to effectively manage the details of your account.  

What are your financial goals? Do you want your assets to grow for the future? Do you want regular income now? Or do you want both-investment growth and reliable income? Do you have other financial objectives, possibly goals that are unique to your personal tax situation, business planning needs or charitable interests?

An Investment Management Account allows you to establish specific goals, leaving First Community Trust to effectively manage the details of your account. We tailor an investment program that meets your individual objectives and requirements. Then we accept the serious responsibility of supervising the day-to-day activities.

With an Investment Management Account at First Community Trust, you receive complete portfolio management and evaluation. Your investments are monitored continuously to identify new opportunities and assure that our investment potential is maximized. Our complete record-keeping, regular statements, income collection, and flexible disbursements relieve you of the worry of managing your investments, while keeping you constantly informed. Knowing that your financial security is in capable, professional hands, you are free to focus on the other things in life.